3M VHB Tape
  • 3M VHB Tape
3M VHB replacement tape for PortVisors -- .25" width x 9' length, type 4991

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Matthew & Natasha H — Cairns, Australia

"PortVisors are great, they stop the rain coming in at night so dad doesn't have to get up and close the hatches. Then he isn't cranky when doing our home schooling the next day."

[This feedback and pic are from 2008, right after we started Seaworthy Goods. Both are still our favorites because they gave us inspiration when we needed it most.]


"What a fantastic product! So easy to install and so effective! This has completely transformed my boat and the way I live inside. I can leave the windows open in most weathers and my boat can breathe! I would also like to commend you on the quality of the product, strong, durable and attractive. 16 months on and they are exactly as on the day of installation with no issues whatsoever! I can honestly say that this is the best 'value' thing I have done on my boat."

Regina C —Jacksonville, FL
"I would like to tell you how happy we are with the PortVisors we ordered last week. As new sailboat owners, you worry that you might get carried away with buying stuff. Well, that is not the case with PortVisors. They proved their worth this week after a storm.

[with 2nd order] We really loved the first 2 we ordered last week. A wonderful addition to our boat and increases our quality of life."

Steve D — BC, Canada

"I received the PortVisors on Friday, installed them on Saturday and I'm very pleased with the results. I was a little concerned about the tape when I ordered them but as I was doing the installation I soon realized it holds very well and does the trick and I'm glad I didn't need to drill holes. Thanks very much for an excellent product."

Val f — St Francis 44' cat

"I am pleased to say that my port visors are on and life aboard has changed ... I can leave the portholes open and especially at night we get a much more comfortable night's sleep. Thank you! The brilliant port visors do the job!"

Janice P — 35' Marine Trader

"These visors and this company is the best! I bought 3 in 2012 and they are still perfect, except for the epoxy that somebody dripped on one of them. I am most comfortable recommending Seaworthy Goods to everyone."

Robyn & David P — Sarawak, Malaysia

"We love your PortVisors. They allow us to live in the topics and get air through the boat without the accompanying rain. Terrific. Thank you."

John P — USVI

"Hurricane Irma almost totaled my Beneteau while on the hard, so I need to replace 2 PortVisors. The other 8 stayed on. Your PortVisors are awesome!

When it rains I'm happily getting ventilation while other yachts are hunkered down running their AC or just closed up sweating down below. I tie off my anchor to my starboard forward cleat and open all the ports on the port side where the galley, etc resides. No problem!"

Sara & Larry G — Trawler in Canada

"We recently purchased some PortVisors from you guys and love them to death. We have owned our trawler for five years and this is the first time we have opened up the front sleeping cabin. Finally fresh. They have not let any water in though wide open during some severe rain storms. So thank you very much ... and thanks for being so helpful when ordering."


"We installed four Visors in 2010. Then went cruising for 6 years, Florida to Trinidad and back; up to Newport and down, and now in Guatemala. All kinds of weather, seas, and abuse — being kicked occasionally. They held up quite well. We are definitely pleased with your product. Thanks for making it!"