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Captain Moab's SHIP BALM™
The All Natural Lubricant & Protectant for Everything FROM SHIPS TO LIPS
SHIP BALM™ is an all natural lanolin-based lubricant and waterproof protectant

Prevents metal rust and corrosion
from weather and salt on:
     • Bimini zippers & snaps                 • Battery terminals
     • Turnbuckles                                  • Electrical connections
     • Screws in masts and other metal to metal contacts

Protects and lubricates rubber, vinyl, leather, and skin:
     • Softens lips and cracked hands
     • Forms a barrier cream for dirty jobs

Lanolin also protects and lubricates rubber parts plus restores and waterproofs both vinyl and leather.
These softening properties are why it’s an ingredient of baby, skin, and shaving products. They make
SHIP BALM™ ideal for protecting skin — everything from lip balm to barrier cream before fiberglass
projects. A little bit goes an extraordinarily long way.

SHIP BALM™ is blended by Seaworthy Goods from 100% USP grade anhydrous lanolin and beeswax, with a
hint of natural scent. It has 0% fish oil, 0% petroleum products, 0% stink, 0% stain. Lanolin is extracted
from shorn sheep’s wool, which means it's natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

The screw top 3 oz aluminum tin is $10.99 and makes a perfect gift for old salt captains, holiday parties,  
and casual dock mates. If you ask, we'll send a free empty pocket-size can.

What the pro's & customers say about lanolin and ShipBalm™:
Brian Toss (Complete Rigger's Apprentice) wrote that lanolin is “
stupefying effective.

Rod Stephens (Sparkman & Stevens) uses “
anhydrous lanolin for all heavy on-deck and rigging
lubricating jobs. … It’s the only lubricant I know that will stay on for even two or three years in salt
water conditions.

Keith D (customer who bought 6 cans) wrote "
ShipBalm is the world's best lip balm and I never want to
run out. I also got a few extra cans to give as gifts for dock parties.

David S (Virginia customer who always carried a can wherever he went) called to say ...
he had been
rafting on the Colorado River. They kept trying to quiet their squeaky oars amid all the quiet beauty.
Nothing worked until he got out his trusty can of ShipBalm. He laughed when telling us because they
just happened to be near Moab, Utah.