FAQs about PortVisors™ and PanelVisors™
UV-resistant Lexan is clear
enough to see through while
protecting from sun and rain.
Are Visor materials tough enough for marine use?
Definitely. These seaworthy materials are extremely strong and will not rust or corrode.
Will PortVisors™ snag lines or shins?
No. They only stick out less than 3" and won't get in the way. The curved design
prevents snagged lines or gear. Their tough materials resist wear and tear, as well as
damage from deck activities.
Which portholes do PortVisor™ models fit?
Our Store lists sizes with many porthole manufacturers' model numbers. If you don't
know the make or model of your portholes, not to worry.
Measure your porthole trim
ring from the deck and check the PortVisor™ size chart.
Do you have a PortVisor™ to fit my boat?
Here is a list of 300 boat manufacturers that have used PortVisors™ with the sizes they
bought — thanks to information provided by our customers.
• Lexan XL102UV (formerly XL-10) is tough polycarbonate with a UV-resistant surface
on both sides. Since it filters out UV and has excellent clarity, it is used where high
impact strength is needed outdoors, e.g. hurricane shutters and vandal-resistant
• 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape is an extremely strong all-weather adhesive, with
UV and chemical resistance. It is formulated for permanent uses, such as attaching
road signs and aircraft wing components. The tape holds up well to salt, heat, cold,
water, and solvents. To see its strength in action, watch these videos which also
show how to apply:
3M VHB Holds up Man or Tug of War.
PortVisors™ keep a low
They only stick out
about 3" and won't snag lines
or shins.
PortVisors™ attach securely
using 3M VHB adhesive tape,
which both bonds and seals the
visor. Watch 3M's
video to see how strong it is.
PortVisors stick out less than 3 inches
Step-by-step instructions
have been posted by
CommuterCruiser.com to help
with PortVisor™ installation.  
PortVisor installation is easy and quick
How do PortVisors™ attach?
They come with 3M self-adhesive tape already attached to the Visors. They install around
the outside of porthole trim rings on the cabin side. Installation is secure, quick and easy;
no drilling, cutting, or special tools are required.
Instructions come in every package.
CommuterCruiser.com created an
installation tutorial for their readers. It's excellent.
Will PortVisors™ work on all boats?
No. There are a few situations when they cannot be attached or may be less effective:
• When portholes are recessed or surrounded by trim, there may not be enough flat
area for the PortVisor™ flange to make a secure and watertight seal.
• The greater the cabin side and porthole angle, the less effective PortVisors™ will be.
• Here are photos of a
few examples.
Can I attach PortVisors™ with screws?
Yes. Follow these instructions to attach PortVisors™ with mechanical fasteners.
If you don't see your boat listed, measure your portlight trim ring and check the
PortVisor™ size chart. Or contact us with any questions.
How do you keep Visors ship-shape?
PortVisors™ and PanelVisors™ are engineered for years of worry-free use. Just rinse with
fresh water.
DO NOT use any abrasive or ammonia based cleaners, which can fog the
surface and damage the UV-resistant coating. Here's what the manufacturer
for cleaning Lexan.

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Numerous magazines, online groups, and boat owners associations have rave reviews for
PortVisors™. Here's an excerpt from
Good Old Boat Magazine. "Seaworthy Goods has a
solution for an age-old problem ... The simple and elegant PortVisor improves air
circulation in the cabin and head with an almost clear visor made of bronze-tinted Lexan
XL102UV. As an added bonus, these new PortVisors filter out UV to prevent damaging rays
from fading cushions and curtains. The visors come in several sizes and fit many
common ports. They're easy to install, with the supplied 3M VHB tape ..."
Doesn't UV affect Lexan?
Unlike regular Lexan, XL 102UV has a UV resistant coating on both sides of the material.
It filters UV from reaching the Lexan, as well as the boat cabin. It is designed for
extended outdoor use when both high strength and weather resistance are required.
Click for
technical info and warranty from the manufacturer.