The only cure for seasickness
is to sit on the shady side of
an old church in the country.
There are good ships and
there are wood ships,
The ships that sail the sea.
But the best ships are
friendships, and may they
always be.
God is good, but never
dance in a small boat.
Nothing works on an old boat
except its owner.
Land is nothing more than
a navigational hazard.
Life’s a reach; then you gybe.
Nautical Quotes,
Quips & Toasts
Measuring ports — how to measure portholes and determine correct PortVisor™ sizes

Manufacturer websites — complete details about portlights. Some companies also sell
replacement parts (i.e. hinges, lenses, knobs, and gaskets) for their portholes.
    Beckson plastic portlights
    Bomar portlights, made by Pompanette
    Fuller  plastic ports no longer made  
    Goïot aluminum portlights (used to make plastic style)
    Gray [Grey] molded plastic portlights, made by Pompanette  
    Hood portholes, made by Pompanette and combined with Bomar         
    Lewmar products, including metal portholes
    Maxwell hatches and portlights
    Moonlight portholes
    New Found Metals stainless and bronze ports
    Pompanette is the parent company of Bomar / Gray / Hood
    Rutgerson products, including portholes
    Spartan bronze portholes
    SCM portlights from Italy
    Vetus aluminum and stainless portlights

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Re-taping Instructions to make the job easier and last a long time

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MultiPanel style Visors™ Instruction sheetincluded with MP PanelVisors™   
    Screens of Schooner Bay
    Handcrafted screens for Spartan portholes, which are used on Cape Dorys, Pacific
    Seacraft, and other yachts. Keep the bugs out in style.

    Weather Underground
    One of the most comprehensive and authoritative weather sites. It monitors
    conditions and forecasts for over 60,000 US and international cities. They have
    countless features. Especially good for tropical storm coverage.

    Tide and Current Predictor
    Create a customized link to find tide information for the location, dates, and time
    period of your choice. Numerous display options are available.

    Commuter Cruiser
    This comprehensive resource is designed for part-time cruisers but the well-written
    info is ideal for full-time cruisers, too. It thoroughly covers everything and anything
    you need to know ... even how to install PortVisors.

    A directory where boaters can compare boats, charters, products, and information
    sources available on the web.