DryBunk™ photos & customer feedback

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We just started selling DryBunks™ and are delighted to get customers' photos and feedback.

Here are the first to arrive in our email box and we look forward to receiving many more. They will be added
here and later posted to our online
Flotilla, home to 100+ pics of PortVisors™ and their boats.
DryBunks™ come in 2 sizes. Each fits both rectangular and rounded end portlights.
• Made from white Boltaron to
blend into white cabin sides
• Weigh 3 oz with attached 3M VHB adhesive tape
• Stick out 3" and suitable for vertical portholes and those mounted in angled cabins
LARGE size fits portholes up to 18" across [$36]. SMALL fits ports up to 15" across [$26]
Drip catcher for leaking opening ports
DryBunk drip catcher from Seaworthy Goods
drip catcher for portlight condensation - DryBunks
drip catcher for porthole condensation - DryBunks
Shawn installed DryBunks on his 1977 Pearson 35, along
with PortVisors. [PortVisors 14-RE and DryBunks DB-S].
Shawn F. was so pleased that he posted pics and a review to
Sailing and Cruising fb page. He writes,
"Absolutely love the
quality of the product and installation."
"Now with the visor and dry bunk we leave the head porthole
open when we leave the boat for ventilation and I keep a
dehumidifier pouch on the counter in the head to keep it
from getting damp."
Jim also writes, "I am very happy with
both the 17-RE PortVisors and the DB-L DryBunk" installed on
my 2008 Mainship 34T."
Jim B. wanted to stop a pesky port leak in his head,
after recaulking didn't work. So he added a PortVisor
and Drybunk. This was important because their boat is
kept on a mooring. Batteries are turned off and
everything closed up when they leave, resulting in
stuffy smells, even when returning a few days later.