PortVisor™ Installation — Problem Situations
PortVisors™ DO work here because
the porthole is only slightly recessed.
There is enough flat surface around
the trim ring to attach them securely.
Will PortVisors™ work on all boats?
No. There are some situations when they cannot be installed or are less effective.
• Recessed portholes may not provide enough flat area for the PortVisor™ flange to make a secure and watertight seal.
• If portlights are near ridges or trim, there may not be enough flat area for the Visors. Most PortVisors™ need 5/8".
• When portholes open outward, PortVisors™ cannot be attached.
• The more sloped the cabin sides and portholes are, the less effective the PortVisor™ will be.

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